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Bringing Sexy Back to Craft Beer

In late August of this year, Founders Brewing Company's CEO Mike Stevens spoke on a panel at the Meeting of the Malts Gathering in Bethlehem, PA and stated, "If we can bring sexiness back to American beer, beer survives".

Who else better to make sexy beer than Big Sexy Brewing? Sexy doesn't always have to be provocative it can be an intimate connection or finding something interesting. We are setting out to make that sexy connection with America through our newly developed West Coast IPA aptly named Bring Sexy Back. This ultra smooth and well balanced beer will weigh in right around 6.5% abv. and to maximize the flavor profile five different hop varieties were used which include Citra, Mosiac, Amarillo, Ekuanot and Simcoe. The official release date of Bring Sexy Back West Coast IPA will be October 26th, 2018.

On a side note, designing the beer labels is pretty much the coolest job when it comes to launching a new beer brand. We may not always be clear on what we want a label to look like with our artists which can make for a challenging outcome. During the initial art meeting with our artist, Ryan we explained our idea of bringing sexy back to craft beer and also a general scope of what we wanted to communicate with the public. "Old school meets new school with a mix of swankiness but absolutely nothing provocative"', was all the instruction we gave him. It took Ryan a couple weeks but when he sent us his idea in color it blew our minds. With the simple instructions Ryan was able to communicate our vision with a crystal clear view. We are super excited about the release of this beer and hope to be apart of a new movement to Bring Sexy Back to the beer world.

Sexy but not provocative
Artwork by Ryan

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