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America Paused

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The Coronavirus hit the shores of the United States and has basically shut life down as we know it. All across the nation American people are battling a new unseen enemy. Terms like “shelter in place”, “social distancing“, and “flatten the curve” have become common place. Fear has paralyzed our markets and crept into our consciousness. It‘s not all doom and gloom though, I have noticed some interesting things from my fishbowl. People are starting to notice each other again. Although keeping their distance, they seem to be making eye contact and saying hello. Almost as saying, “hey we are in this together” and “we will get through it” without using the words. America on Pause can be a good thing. Yes, it is terrible people are dying and others are sick and we are truly praying for them. But maybe we needed to pause the machine long enough to remind us that the most important things aren’t where we end up after our morning commute. This pause will give us a much needed break from the rat race and even more so an opportunity to connect and reconnect not only with our family and close friends but with the human race in general (even if it’s not face to face). We will not only survive this virus attack but on the other end grow and thrive. I‘m not going to preach about how long you should wash your hands or what distance you should remain from someone else. There are plenty of opinions on how to battle this thing. What I can say is the lessons we are supposed to learn are happening right now and if we pay attention we will all be stronger on the other side of this no matter what. Be safe. We love you- J

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