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Hazy IPA

Hazy Plains Drifter is a New England Style Inspired Hazy India Pale Ale and was designed with Citra-Cryo Hops to maximize the the tropical,citrus and a touch of pine flavors expected from this style.

Hazy Plains Drifters are independent freedom fighters on the crust of society. These Drifters don't just follow the herd, they seperate themselves by making informed decisions on quality over quanity. This New England inspired Hazy IPA was designed with Citra-Cyro Hops to maximize the Tropical and Citrus flavors expected from the style. Grab a can or two and celebrate your freedom from big beer fellow drifters!


Watermelon Kiwi, Cucumber Lemon, Passionfruit, Peach Lemongrass

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