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We just want to thank you for your business support. These are truly difficult times for everyone. Our way of thanking you is to offer an exclusive pre-sale on one of our most popular Double India Pale Ales. The call of Lupulhu's official release will be on April 7th. You are invited to purchase Cosmic as early as April 3rd which happens to be the canning date! That's right you get a shot at the freshest beer around. 


 4 Pack of 16-ounce cans  $13.99 + tax

Case of 24/ 16 ounce cans  Retail $84 After discount $72 +tax

Instructions:  Call or text anytime before April 3rd to reserve your

                       4 Pack or Case and arrange for pick up anytime after

                       noon the day of the canning. (833) 310-4777


                     * If you would like Call of Lupulhu added to a delivery 

                        choose either BSB 4 Pack or BSB Case Product to

                       your order and we will contact you to schedule a                                   delivery time. 



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